Leigh Watson Healy

Leigh Watson HealyLeigh Watson Healy: Member at Large

Leigh has just recently retired from Outsell, Inc. and now focusing on family, community work, creative ventures, and some consulting.I remain Chief Analyst Emeritus for Outsell and advise as needed.

As Chief Analyst and as an early member of the Outsell team, Leigh Watson Healy co-created and led all aspects of Outsell’s activities in producing research, advisory, and consulting services for the information and publishing industry. She relies on her extensive experience in market and opportunity assessment, strategic and business planning, and product planning to serve as an executive-level advisor to a broad range of Outsell clients. As a primary spokesperson for Outsell, Leigh wrote and spoke frequently about key trends and issues in the information industry. She led development of Outsell’s long-term strategic relationships with industry leaders and drives delivery of trusted, value-add programs that meet clients’ needs. Leigh co-chaired Outsell’s Leadership Council, a member-service for CEOs and senior executives of media publishing and information provider firms.

Leigh is thrilled to bring her energy and expertise to the Board of Southern Shakespeare Company this year!