The Southern Shakespeare Festival would like to announce audition dates for our production of A Town Divided: A Play of Shakespeare, Race, and Our City.

This original production, crafted from the stories of Tallahassee residents, uses William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a framework to examine racial divides in our city.

This is a one-act play and all of the actors cast will be a part of the process of fully developing their characters by weaving their own experiences and stories into the production. This is a unique and exciting production and we are seeking strong actors who are equally thrilled by this extraordinary opportunity.

Seeking Actors:

Female, 18-25
Male, 18-25

Females, 35-50
Males, 35-50

The audition dates are:
Friday, September 29th at FAMU – NOTE: Auditions at FAMU are by appointment ONLY. If you are interested, please contact Director Chris Berry at
Saturday, September 30th 11am-1pm OPEN AUDITIONS at the Oasis Center (behind St. John’s church)
Callbacks by invitation:
Sunday, October 1st 11am-1pm at the Oasis Center 

For full (October and November) rehearsal schedule, click here.

Please bring completed Audition Form to the audition.

Character Descriptions

Female, 18-25
Juelle Wright – an intelligent, feisty, open-minded, and caring young woman who is a senior at Rickards High School.

Male, 18-25
Rob Anderson – a somewhat shy, bookish, Mr. Nice Guy type who is a senior at Chiles or Maclay High School.

Female, 35-50
Elle Wright – Juelle’s mother, a reserved but strong woman who raised her two children with her faith in God and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Male, 35-40
Tyrone Wright – Juelle’s older brother, a gang member in his youth, he has mellowed and feels protective of his mother and sister, but doesn’t trust anyone.

Rev. Larry Parsons – The junior pastor of the Bethel AME church on Orange Avenue, wise, caring, jovial with a deep-seated commitment to his community.
(These two roles will be played by the same actor)

Female, 35-50
Sarah Anderson – Rob’s mother, a stay-at-home Mom who has devoted her life to raising her children, observant but ambivalent about sharing her political views if they differ from her husband’s.

Male, 35-50
Peter Anderson – Rob’s father. A military man, Coast Guard officer, he believes in the rule of law, and tends to be rigid as a way of maintaining order in his household and his job.

Sheriff Joe – A no-nonsense Leon County public safety officer jaded by his years of service who believes most people he encounters are lying or hiding. He has been disciplined for his hardline approach, but can’t (or won’t) change.
(These two roles will be played by the same actor)