Micheal Walker

Walker MikeMichael Walker (Multimedia Producer) is the President/CEO of DunbarWalker Productions LLC. His more than three decades of experience in theatre and video production allows him to provide high quality content for any medium. His work as a broadcast journalist in synch with his passion for live stage and video production, gives him a creative edge to bring stimulating visual messages to diverse and demanding audiences. Michael believes one of the most effective ways to get information across in today’s crowed media landscape is by using all available visual resources that can bring a message to life.

Michael is especially excited about the increase of the use of video in live stage productions. In addition to providing video support for this project, Walker collaborates with Florida A&M University’s “Essential Theatre” as well as working with a wide range of Tallahassee area, state and, national media clients.

His passion for live performance has its roots in theatre. As a student at New York City’s high school for the Performing Arts where he was an acting major, it was then he was introduced to video production. Michael knew after being exposed to this technology that it would become a significant part of his professional life. While attending Syracuse University he continued to work as an actor but eventually moved away from being in front of an audience to working behind the scenes.

Michael is excited about the opportunity to be a part of the stage production, Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This project lets lends the Michael the best of both professional worlds that he love, stage and video. Michael also likes the idea of an outdoor theatre. “The city of Tallahassee has done a wonderful job of creating an outdoor venue for the community to enjoy this and other stage productions.”

As he continues his creative work in this field, Michael hopes to do more with bringing different mediums together. Michael strongly believes the appetite for merging media is increasing due in part to people’s exposure to new technologies. He plans to expand the use of video during live stage production as a creative means to delivering a high quality message or works of art.