tallahasseelogoThe City of Tallahassee is helping SSF’s inaugural season most significantly, as we are utilizing the Capital City Amphitheater at Cascades Park, administered by the Parks & Recreation Department. We are especially grateful to Ashley Edwards and Charla Lucas for their ongoing assistance.

tallydowntown We have also been supported by Downtown Tallahassee, through a grant from the Community Redevelopment Agency. Many thanks to Jay Revell and Allen Thompson for helping us to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with many of the businesses in the downtown corridor―and for showing us avenues to integrate into Tallahassee’s mainstream.

It was a huge boost to SSF to be awarded a grant from Visit Tallahassee to get the word out to other parts of Florida, South Georgia, and Alabama that folks now have another reason to come to our fair city. We offer a very special thanks to Lee Daniel and the VT crew for their faith, insight, advice, and support.

cuneologoYou wouldn’t be reading these very words if it weren’t for the efforts of Cuneo Creative. Al and George Cuneo have advanced our website exponentially, taught us a million ways to make our presence known, and continue to help define and craft SSF’s image graphically. Huzzah!

wfsulogoSSF has been blessed with the chance to work with the wonderful people at WFSU in a myriad of creative projects. Not just the Eco-Adventures piloted by Rob Diaz de Villegas, or the ever-developing efforts of Tasha Weinstein, or the foresight and planning of Suzanne Smith, our collaboration with WFSU has been the catalyst for much of SSF’s local and national exposure.

3visionslogoWe are indebted to 3 Visions Productions for taking on the complex task of integrating video into our Midsummer production—and feeding the exchange of artistic innovation through the use of media. We doff our caps to Mark Bauer, Rich and Carole Robards, Wade Bishop, and Glenn Hodgson for their contribution to making SSF look good in unexpected ways.

DWP-LogoThe technical expertise and multimedia experience brought to the Midsummer party by DunbarWalker Productions is more than we could have ever imagined. Mike Walker is a true collaborator, integrating seamlessly into the creative process, by providing the means and equipment to some very magical special effects in the show. Our lenses are open to you, Mike!

targetcopylogoIt’s just too much fun working with the professionals at Target Copy. Their expertise has saved SSF countless hours of printing nightmares. And if you ever hold a piece of paper, a brochure, or a card that has SSF’s logo on it, chances are the folks at Target made it happen. A shout-out goes to Tracey Cohen for her willingness to assist in making our inaugural season shine in print.

fsulogoFlorida State University contributes to SSF in a truly diverse set of situations. Whether it is technical assistance from the School of Theater, so integral to our efforts, or the OLLI program for our Educational outreach, or just sage advice from Opening Nights, we are consistently pleased by the resources offered by FSU.

famulogoFlorida A & M University is truly woven into the fabric of SSF. So much of what you will see on stage is the collaborative brainchildren of FAMU faculty and students. Our Educational outreach also has many ties to the efforts of FAMU participants. Without their tireless input in helping to shape the Festival, the production, and the Education program, SSF would not have been able to accomplish all that we have. We are especially indebted to the Essential Theater program.

zimmermanlogoThe Zimmerman Agency was a crucial player during SSF’s start-up phase, providing guidance and expertise in both graphics and advertising. We want to thank Alex Swanson and Curtis Zimmerman for their energies and patience, teaching us how to get things done.