Sonnet Contest

Words, words, words

Shakespeare’s sonnets, 154 in all, demonstrate his mastery of the English language in a way that some of us might appreciate, if not fully understand, and perhaps even want to imitate.

With this in mind, the Southern Shakespeare Company, in partnership with the Tallahassee Democrat and Sachs Media Group, is proud to announce our FOURTH ANNUAL SONNET CONTEST!

This is your opportunity to try your hand at writing like the Bard!

We will have three separate categories for contest entries: COLLEGE/ADULT, HIGH SCHOOL, and MIDDLE SCHOOL.

All finalists will have their sonnet published in the Tallahassee Democrat, and the winning sonnets will be announced and read Saturday evening, March 26-April 27, 2018, during the Southern Shakespeare Festival weekend at Cascades Park!

Prizes valued over $1,000!!!

The deadline for the contest is Friday, April 27, 2018 at 5pm. Submissions can be emailed to Please include your name, phone number, and age category along with your sonnet(s). You are allowed to submit up to five sonnets for consideration.

So, what precisely is a sonnet? Shakespeare wrote 14 line sonnets that follow a specific rhythmic and rhyming pattern of iambic pentameter. Shakespeare wrote sonnets about love, loss, and beauty, but you can write a sonnet about ANY subject of your choosing!!! Go wild and crazy…have some fun and then submit your poems to!