Tabitha Frazier

Sam KimelmanTabitha Frazier: Chair
Tabitha Frazier serves elected office in Leon County as a Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. She has her masters degree in Environmental Engineering specializing in Wetland restoration. Tabitha founded and runs two small local non-profits, the Leon fruit and Nut Exchange and Leon Trees. In addition Tabitha has served on several community, governmental and non-profit boards thought out Tallahassee and and the North Florida area. She often jokes that she is a Professional Volunteer, working to build a better community and healthier environment. Serving on the Southern Shakespeare board is a natural extension of her community work. Tabitha has been a parent of two Bardlings and has attended every festival and fundraising event for SSC in the past 7 years. She has now bought her passion and talents to furthering the mission and success of the Southern Shakespeare Company. Tabitha list’s her greatest accomplishments and her loving marriage and three kind, smart, and creative children.