The Bardlings


About The Bardlings

The Bardlings are the junior Shakespearean acting program run under Tallahassee’s SOUTHERN SHAKESPEARE COMPANY. Established in 2014, the mission of The Bardlings is to develop an understanding and fondness for the study and performance of Shakespeare and classic drama in today’s youth as well as professional instruction and training in acting techniques. Our goal is to develop a comprehension of Shakespeare’s classics, while also ensuring that participants truly enjoy the subject matter and have fun in the process. Through exciting and innovative productions, open workshops, and community theatre based field trips, we seek to engage students and foster dialogue regarding the importance of the creative arts in our schools, our communities and our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join The Bardlings?
Middle and High School Students in the Tallahassee area.

When Do The Bardlings Meet?
For our Fall 2020 Semester, rehearsals will be held via Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. Workshops and other special events may be scheduled outside of these days. In the past The Bardlings have partnered with Making Light Productions and made use of their studio for rehearsals. We look forward to returning there one day for in-person meetings!

Is There A Fee?
The membership fee to join The Bardlings is $150 per semester. Full and partial scholarships are available through The Gillum Family Foundation.

2020-2021 Season

Due to COVID-19, our Spring 2020 plans were interrupted but as the arts have proven through these difficult times, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! And in this case, we did go on…line! The Bardlings continued our theatre training virtually and self filmed an awesome production titled, The Bardlings’ Quarantine Showcase. We followed this up with our Bardling 2020 Summer Project which ended with our Solo Scenes presentation. We are so proud of our Bardlings ability to adapt during this time and cannot wait for what’s in store for our 2020-2021 season, kicking off with The Bardling’s Community Connection Project!

This new online Fall program was developed as a way for Middle and High School students to continue their theatre education, exercise their performance talents, and connect with their community through Southern Shakespeare Company’s mission of inclusion, diversity and community engagement.

With a focus on theatre and social change, the Community Connection Project will teach students about the power of art to tell stories, create hope, and inspire change.

Bi-Weekly Meetings on Zoom Plus Additional,
Workshops and Lectures

Nine Week Program September 16 – November 18, 2020

(For Middle and High School Students Only)

We were also thrilled this year to begin an amazing partnership with our non-profit friends at Making Light Productions. Making Light offers Inclusive music, art, dance and theatre classes for children, teens, and adults of all abilities.

Parents: Please click here to access the Bardlings Portal!