Macbeth Cast Announcement

Marc Singer* – Macbeth
Laura W. Johnson – Lady Macbeth
Duncan Hoehn – Duncan, King of Scotland / Scotch Doctor
Nicholas Benetatos – Malcolm, Duncan’s Son
Patrick Montgomery – Donalbain, Duncan’s Son / First Murderer
Dan Kahn – Banquo / Siward
Phillip Croton – Macduff
K. Sidney Bronson – Lennox
Daniel Stock – Ross
Bucky Clements – Menteith / Young Siward / Duncan’s Attendant
Jake Armstrong – Angus / Old Man / Third Murderer
Gerain Arias – Fleance (Banquo’s son) / Caithness / Lord
Stephen “Jack” Jammer – English Doctor / Second Murderer / Seyton
Matthew Thompson – Son of Macduff / Porter / Soldier
Christine Hansen – Lady Macduff
Nardgelen Jean Francois – Attendant
Miriam Dady – First Witch
Katherine Ruiz – Second Witch / Gentlewoman to Lady Macbeth
Patricia A. Carrico – Third Witch

*Actor appears through the courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.
**The Director is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical labor union.

Thank You Leon County School Board

What an incredible year it has been for the Southern Shakespeare Company already!

With the loss of state funds previously used to help support our education outreach in our Leon County schools, there was tremendous uncertainty about the ability for Southern Shakespeare to continue to provide our free workshops, intensives, productions, and bring Shakespeare Man and Sonnet Man to our Leon County School students.

However, the Leon County School Board voted unanimously to continue our K-12 program in the Leon County Schools and we could not wait another moment to say THANK YOU to the Superintendent and School Board for continuing to support our education programs.

We are so appreciative of the opportunities Southern Shakespeare has enjoyed in partnering with the Leon County School Board and we are proud to be marching together into a bright new year!

For a sampling of what Southern Shakespeare Company brings to our classrooms, watch our video here . . .

The education programming we provide to our Leon County School students, in the classroom and through our after-school programs, is another piece of our year-round educational programming and mission which includes training young artists through our junior acting troupe (The Bardlings) and apprenticeship opportunities through our Mainstage Company.

We are so grateful for the Leon County School Board and community support
and can’t wait to get the new year started!

‘Romeo and Juliet’ has romance, humor, sorrow and really great sword fighting

Jillian Fry and Nick Erlandson
Special to Tallahassee Democrat

Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy of love, loss and miscommunication, “Romeo and Juliet,” established the archetypal star-crossed lovers, who have inspired five centuries of couples in plays, movies and more. Southern Shakespeare Festival takes up the challenge of the classic story this weekend with four outdoor performances complementing two days of Renaissance Faire fun in Cascades Park.

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Bardlings Have A ‘Night’

Bianca Montague gives a cast member direction as Melanie Bynum looks on AMANDA THOMPSON

Young troupe presents a condensed version of play at Shakespeare Festival

Amanda Karioth Thompson
Council on Culture & Arts

Shakespeare’s legacy has endured for more than 400 years and there’s no expiration date in sight. A new generation is embracing his works and putting their own spin on them. The Southern Shakespeare Company’s junior troupe, the Bardlings, is currently rehearsing “Eighth Night,” a condensed version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and they haven’t lost any of the comedy’s wit or whimsy.

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