Our Patrons

Education Partners & Sponsors

Making Light Productions
Level Up
Pope’s Museum
Thomasville Entertainment Foundation

Tallahassee Museum
Thomasville Entertainment Foundation

Grant Partners


Visit Tallahassee
City of Tallahassee
Leon Cares
Florida Humanities
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Hagen Family Foundation

Community Partners

Black History Alliance
Black History Month Festival
Essential Theatrical Associates
Creative Picture & Sound
Cuneo Creative
The Moon
Lichgate on High Road






Jeff Mandel

Calla MacNamara

Rick and Molly Wilson

Promotional Student Membership

Additional Support for Promotional Student Members

Elizabeth Klamer
Desire Stokes
Amy Harter

Julian Dozier
Meredith Stanfield
Talethia Edwards

Bard Sustaining Members

Nancy & Mike O’Farrell

Author Sustaining Members

Chip Chalmers
Phil Croton
Richard & Linda Drew
Tabitha & Seann Frazier
Liane & Rupert Giroux
Kate Harrell

John & Leigh Watson Healy
Laura & Jonathan Johnson
Sam & Jessica Kimelman
Leah Reed
Erik & Melanie Salsgiver
Colleen Kelley & Mark Seidenfeld
Charles & Susan Stratton

Justin Sevier
Tolnay Team Solutions
Wendy Wiener
Juliet Yaques
Gary Yordon
Tammy Young

Scribe Sustaining Members

Will Buckner
David Watson

Jennifer Fitzwater

Friends & Family Members

Patricia Applegate
Curt & Beth Blair
Michael Cusick
Beverlee DeMello
Julie McBride
Michael Nelson

Jessica McGrew
Yelena McLane
Morris & Anita Payne Miller
Anthony Quickle
John Rittwage
Robert Shakespeare

Natalie Slate
Kathleen Stover
Julie McBride
Yelena McLane
William Reynolds

Dual Members

Eleanor Baumgarten
Jon Hinkle
Kenneth G. Jackson
Catherine Jewell

David Kirby
Terry Knowlton
William Reynolds
Steven & Linda Service
Robert & Eileen Smith

Daniel Stock
Kathryn Sullivan
Robert Watson
Tracy Woodard

Individual Members

Virginia Hamrick
Carol Hill

Rick Ivey
Thomas Maida
Mike Goldstein

Stephanie Schwartz

Student/Senior Members

Morganna Barber
MaryPat King

Aniketh Mukhirala
Lisa Peacock

Karen Stanford

General Donations to our 2020/2021 Season

Kathleen Stover
Gary Yordon
Samantha Strickland
Kate Harrell Steve and Linda Service
Karen Stanford
Robert Shakespeare
Robert Beck

Carol and Barry Weissberg
Lisa Jackson
Kimberly Honnell
Jeffery Douglas
Eleanor Baumgarten
Robert Watson
Michaela Denny

Patricia Applegate
Kenneth Jackson
John Rittwage
Micheala Denny
Laura Johnson
Montserrat Graves
Becky Tolnay
Jim McMurtry in honor of Chuck Olsen

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