Southern Shakespeare Company auditions are open to all – from experienced performers to those stepping on stage for the first time. We are always thrilled to welcome new talent to our productions!

Auditions for adult Equity and non-Equity actors are held periodically throughout the year. (For auditions for Tallahassee area youth, please see our Bardlings program.)

We advocate for diversity throughout our organization and strongly encourage auditions from members of traditionally underrepresented groups.

Upcoming Auditions

All currently open auditions for Southern Shakespeare Company shows are listed here and on our social media.

Typically, auditions request at least one <60 second monologue suited to the show’s style. Each audition’s requirements will be specified below.


DIRECTOR: James Alexander Bond
VISITING ARTIST: Two-time Emmy-nominated actor Kelsey Scott as Cleopatra
PRODUCTION DATE(S): May 11-14 2023 at Cascades Park Tallahassee, Florida
REHEARSAL DATE(S): April and run through May. Please inform us of any conflicts you might have during this time frame.


  • Use good, clear lighting and audio. Video quality should be high resolution.
  • If using smart phone for recording, please be sure to turn sideways/horizontally.
  • YouTube or Vimeo links are acceptable, as well as WeTransfer for full digital files.
  • Please use the first ANTONY monologue in Act IV, scene 12, provided below. (Note: You may also additionally submit a monologue of your choosing. However, this should not be one longer than 90 seconds.)

All is lost;
This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me:
My fleet hath yielded to the foe; and yonder
They cast their caps up and carouse together
Like friends long lost. Triple-turn’d whore!
’tis thou
Hast sold me to this novice; and my heart
Makes only wars on thee. Bid them all fly;
For when I am revenged upon my charm,
I have done all. Bid them all fly; begone.
O sun, thy uprise shall I see no more:
Fortune and Antony part here; even here
Do we shake hands. All come to this? The hearts
That spaniel’d me at heels, to whom I gave
Their wishes, do discandy, melt their sweets
On blossoming Caesar; and this pine is bark’d,
That overtopp’d them all. Betray’d I am:
O this false soul of Egypt! this grave charm,–
Whose eye beck’d forth my wars, and call’d them home;
Whose bosom was my crownet, my chief end,–
Like a right gipsy, hath, at fast and loose,
Beguiled me to the very heart of loss.
What, Eros, Eros!

Please address any questions or requests for Zoom auditions to the stage manager Stephen Smith.

More Info & Contact

If you have further questions about any of the upcoming auditions, please reach out to us on social media or via email.

If you would like to receive email notification about future auditions, please use the button below to submit your name and contact information.

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