Bard Crawl

We’re thrilled to kick off the 2023-2024 season with our new fundraiser, “The Tallahassee Bar(d) Crawl”!

This immersive experience that takes audiences from bar to pub to restaurant across the capital city via a chartered trolley. At each location, attendees will enjoy refreshments plus see a short Shakespearean performance.


First Round: Proof Brewpub

When Helena and Hermia become victims of fairy mischief upon “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the best friends become fierce enemies.

Second Round: Waterworks

After a shipwreck, the fools and jesters of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” discover their island is not deserted: with enough booze and jokes, they become fast friends with a native islander.

Third Round: Hummingbird Wine Bar

When “The Merry Wives of Windsor” discover they have been sent the same seductive letter–by the same lecherous knight–they plot their revenge together.

Fourth Round: Proof Brewpub

Rival princes Hal and Hotspur from “Henry IV, part I” come to blows over what is right and who is mightier in an epic fight scene.




What is immersive theatre? P

Immersive theatre during our Bar(d) Crawl means that performers may be moving through and using the same space as patrons and attendees at the pubs, bars, and restaurants along the Crawl! This exciting, often surprising, and immediate way of staging Shakespeare’s scenes should create the sort of fun, unique live experience we go to the theatre for–even though we won’t be in a theatre at all. 

With enough advance notice, we want to accommodate your needs as best we can! Please reach out to Executive Director Bianca.

What’s the timing of the event? When do we stop at each location, and when will the evening conclude?

Proof Brewpub is open from at least 4 PM onward on both Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd, but our SSC event check-in process is available starting at 6:30 PM. You may be given a wristband and/or neck lanyard to signify your ticket type(s) and level of access. The first performance of the Crawl begins at 7 PM. The rest of our itinerary is flexible to account for traffic, etc. but we expect to conclude around 10 PM (when Proof Brewpub closes for the night).

We encourage our guests to wear clothing as comfortable and stylish as they’d choose for a fun night out! Please do choose footwear that will allow you to comfortably embark and alight from our trolley as we wend our way through the capital city.

Where do I park?

Please park near Proof Brewpub, as it is the first stop on our journey. There is a city garage and street parking available near this venue, and we encourage you to consult Proof’s parking map to choose the best option for you!

The trolley has seated and standing sections to use while we are transported between venues. Seating is first come, first served, so please arrive early if you prefer to sit. If you require a seat for accessibility purposes, please email with your needs.

What food will be served?

Bar snacks including pretzels and peanuts are available for free on our trolley between venues. Food is available for purchase for a separate charge at all our venues, but be mindful of time as each stopover may be just long enough for our Shakespeare performance and downing a beverage. We encourage you to enjoy a dinner beforehand as the food included or available to deliver in a timely fashion will be more like “snacks”.

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