The Bardlings

Presenting Southern Shakespeare Company’s junior acting company composed of middle and high school students: the Bardlings! This talented group auditions, rehearses, and puts on a show each semester. They also engage with workshops, guest lectures, and field trips to develop their skills and expand their knowledge of theatre throughout the year. You can learn more about the program below, then follow The Bardlings on Facebook for regular updates.


For Fall 2023’s Shakespearean Showcase, the Bardlings will get to help choose their performance materials from the songs, scenes, and monologues of the Bard!

WHERE: Christ Classical Academy

WHEN: Saturday, September 16 from 11 AM to 1 PM or Sunday, September 17 from 2 PM to 4 PM


  • Students should prepare a <90 second memorized monologue and/or expect to perform from provided scripts.
  • Students will also be asked to complete an audition form with parent contact information and conflicts between the audition date and the showcase performances (December 8-10, 2023).

Please note that admittance into a previous semester does not guarantee placement in the future. Please see below for other FAQ and contact Executive Director  Bianca Montague with any further questions!

OUR 2023-2024 SEASON

The Bardlings’ Fall 2023 semester performance will be a Shakespearean Showcase composed of comedy and tragedy, scene and song, playing December 8-10, 2023 (times TBD).

This project marks the first time the Bardlings will get to help choose their performance material from the songs, scenes, and monologues of the Bard.

The Bardlings’ Spring 2024 semester performance will be a one-hour adaptation of  The Tempest, playing at 5:30 PM Saturday & Sunday, May 11-12, 2024 at Cascades Park.

In this magical comedy, when courtiers wash ashore on a remote island, its ruler Prospero must decide how to deal with the new guests–whether to forgive them for the past, and how to forge a future.


Taking part in the Bardlings program is one of our favorite things about living in Tallahassee. The staff members have a passion for Shakespeare, for theater education, and for engaging the community. Both of our children love theater and we have been astonished at the amount of time, energy, and expertise that the SSC team has invested in mentoring and nurturing them. [We are] amazed at the diversity of theater education included in the Bardlings program… playwriting, costuming, tech, stage makeup… improv, dialects, and stage combat.

Sarah H.
Bardling Parent

Thank you for making [The Bardlings program] possible and for all you did to grow Will in his abilities this year! We are grateful

Amanda and Nathan Johnson
Bardlings parents

We were very cautious about covid and thought carefully before saying yes to MM’s request to join. Throughout the semester and even now the Bardlings directors have exceeded our expectations and we sincerely appreciate your commitment to safety while still providing a vital outlet for MM.

Sarah W.
Bardling Parent

Since his time with the Bardlings, Jermaine has taken a real love for acting and performing and he is actually really good at it. We have invested in acting, voice and tap lessons this year because he has decided that theater is what he wants to pursue as his career. Thank you so much for investing in him early. It was a great experience and a lasting one, especially performing at Goodwood with the flu in 2017. He really learned what “showtime” means.

Talethia E.
Bardling Parent

Natallia loves being a part of Bardlings. Thank you for this opportunity for her to express herself, learn more about theater, and enjoy her fellow Bardlings. Much appreciated.

Viletta C.
Bardling Parent

Bardlings was the BEST experience for CC (and our family) during these crazy times….She just LOVED working with all of the company.

Jessica M.
Bardling Parent

About the Bardlings

The Bardlings
The Bardlings
The Bardlings

Photo credit: Bob Howard


Middle and High School students in Leon County and the surrounding areas.

In the 2023-2024 season, the Bardlings membership fee is $180 per semester and includes all aspects of The Bardlings program including workshops, field trips, costumes, etc.

Financial assistance is available; reach out to Executive Director Bianca Montague to inquire.

In the 2022-2023 season, the Bardlings meet twice a week (Monday and Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm) and follow the Leon County School schedule taking school holidays off. The Bardlings will have additional rehearsals leading up to the run of each of their semesterly showcases (aka, “tech week”).

Stay tuned for info about the 2023-2024 season!


For the 2022-2023 season, the Bardlings regularly met and rehearsed at Christ Classical Academy (2205 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308). Auditions will be held at this location for the fall 2023 semester as well. 

Stay tuned for info about the 2023-2024 season rehearsals!

How do I audition for the Bardlings? P


To audition for the Bardlings, students should generally prepare a <90 second classical monologue of their choice OR be ready to perform from provided scripts.

To complete the aduition form, students should also have their conflicts for the rehearsal period and parent/guardian contact information on hand.

Yes, the Bardlings program holds auditions in the Fall and the Spring. Admission to the a previous semester does not necessarily guarantee admission to the current semester.

What if I am unable to make the dates/times of the auditions? P


If students have conflicts with the audition date(s) and are seeking possible solutions, they may contact Executive Director Bianca Montague.

Past Seasons

Watch the Bardlings’ production of ShakespeaREtold V and several of their other past performances on the Southern Shakespeare Company Youtube Channel.




The Bardlings’ Fall 2023 semester performance outdoors at Christ Classical Academy was an abridged version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, adapted by Pat McEnulty into Puck and the Mushy Gushy Love Potion. In this romantic comedy, fairies meddle with Athenians who enter their forest to rehearse a play or run away from undesired marriages. In the end, love and forgiveness triumph as the fairy Puck’s mischief is righted just in time!

The Bardlings’ Spring 2023 performance at the Southern Shakespeare Festival in Cascades Park was an abridged version of As You Like It, adapted by Pat McEnulty and Phil Croton. In this pastoral comedy, the newly lovestruck Rosalind flees an oppressive court for the Forest of Arden, where she finds her beloved Orlando has also fled! Disguised as a shepherd boy, Rosalind teaches Orlando how to woo and love with the help of friends and forest dwellers.


2021-2022 P


For the Fall 2021 semester performance, The Bardlings were back in-person to present an original play written by Tallahassee native, the late Eden Rush:

Zombie Shakespeare tells the fantastical story of a troupe of fairy tale characters who are tired of their stories, so they go dig up the grave of literature’s best storyteller, William Shakespeare himself. Shakespeare’s works come to life as each fairy tale character is transported into one of his plays as they search for their new story. This family-friendly comedy showcased some of the Bard’s most famous scenes and is a perfect exploration of his characters with a fun twist.

The Bardlings’ Spring 2022 semester performance at the Southern Shakespeare Festival in Cascades Park brought audiences back to Shakespeare’s works with the infamous Romeo & Juliet. This abridged version of the star crossed lovers’ tale showcased The Bardlings’ technical ability to create productions that bring traditional Shakespeare to life for all ages.


2020-2021 P


Information about our past seasons is coming soon…!

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